My Blogskin Accout & Glimmer Pearl.

Assalamualaikum .I very excited.Why?It because few a month ago.I want to create acc blogskin.The program says it need to pays.So sad.Huh!.Then,Ain tengok kak Naziha,Lettha,Putryy and etc create acc blogskin.When I see it.

*Go to*

*Click Register*

*Fill in the blanks*

*Program says the email and username already use*

*Eyes become big,Click log in*

*Type the username and password*

*and.. I has an acc blogskin.Lol.*

Its like a dream.Haha.Visit my blogskin.Download if you want.

I think this blogskin look same like Dancing Panda.Huhu.Lettha,I not your copycat okey?

5 note (s):

♛ NazirahMoktar ♛ said...

arrggg..cantik2 skin ni.nak donlod tau..time kasih :)

NIS Zati said...

Zati guna blogskin nie . :DD

naj said...

download taw :)

Anisya Samsudin said...

cham mane nakk download ?

Nisa Sayakinie said...

mcm mana nk buat blogskin? -.-